Kiddush Cups

What's a Shabbat table without kiddush? Blessings over wine are iconic to Jewish Holy Days and the cup you choose can be as unique as you are. Explore our collection of kiddush cups from modern and traditional, to fountains and sets. Need a review of kiddush customs and processes? Look below to read more.

Kiddush, literally “sanctification,” is a ritual that opens most Jewish holiday meals and celebrations (such as weddings). All it takes is a cup of wine and a prayer. Note: There are numerous kiddush prayers for different holidays and occasions. We mark the end of Shabbat and Jewish holidays with a havdalah service which also uses a kiddush cup. Kiddush cups make great gifts for weddings or bar and bat mitzvahs. Although traditionally used more often by men than women, it’s certainly an item that everyone can use and enjoy.

Our artists produce beautiful handcrafted kiddush cups made of glass, silver, metal, ceramic, porcelain, and other materials. wedding glass keepsakes . These make especially meaningful wedding gifts. fountain kiddush cup system . This set allows the bigger kiddush cup to pour down into a space that waterfalls into each of the little cups. It is an object of great value and meaning in our tradition. So start shopping ‘till your cart runneth over.

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