The ketubah is one of the most important features of a Jewish wedding. This marriage contract is signed just before the ceremony and becomes a lifelong contract to be honored by the bride and groom. Because it’s such an important document, many couples choose a ketubah that doubles as a beautiful work of art they can display in their home. This makes it easier to keep the ketubah is a prominent place in the home so it can be a constant reminder of the couple’s commitment to one another.

When you shop for a ketubah at, you’ll have a variety of options when it comes to design and text. Whether you prefer something traditional or modern, you’ll be able to find it here. Choose a design to complement your home and customize the text according to your preferences. Our ketubot, which come from some of the top Judaica designers, are made to accommodate any Jewish tradition.


The perfect Jewish wedding needs the perfect ketubah. Shop now!

What is a Ketubah?

A ketubah is the Jewish marriage contract between two people getting married. Interestingly, the giving of the Torah is regarded as a marriage contract that joined G-d to the Jewish People. Prior to this, some form of ketubah existed but took place more as a dowry than an official document. The ketubah in its traditional form was later established by the rabbis during the Amorah Era, and date back to the 3rd century CE.

The ketubah text includes the date and place of the wedding, the names of the bride and groom, as well as the physical and financial support the couple plan to give each other. It is essentially a document that contains a written proposal of marriage. The rabbi looks over the ketubah. Once approved, the ketubah signing by the witnesses takes place just before the ceremony starts.

Ketubot were originally not written in Hebrew as you might think, but in Aramaic. Today, you have language choices and wording based on a couple’s tradition: Aramaic, Orthodox, Sephardi, English and Hebrew, English only. Many ketubah artists can incorporate a couples' own language into the ketubah design of their choice. Once completed and shipped, store it in a safe place until the wedding day. The ketubah is signed by two witnesses and read aloud at the Jewish wedding ceremony under the chuppah. The reading is a Jewish tradition that usually happens after the placing of the ring(s).

Steps to order your ketubah:
1. Choose the ketubah design - we offer a wide range of styles, including floral, contemporary, abstract, minimalist, and many more. Ruth Rudin (contemporary), Mickie Caspi (traditional), Melissa Dinwiddie (minimalist and abstract), and Amy Fagin (abstract and mosaic) are several ketubah artists we work with whose products are stunning.
2. Choose the text format according to your lifestyle and tradition. We recommend consulting with your rabbi or officiant.
3. Customization - Decide how you want it customized. Some ketubot offer a lot of customization, others offer less. They include elements such as size, font, material for print, whether you want the artist to fill in your information, and shipping preference.
4. Place the Order
5. Wizard - provide more details - your names, date of your wedding, location, witness names, etc.
6. Approve the proof before it goes to print

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