A mezuzah is the most ubiquitous identifier of a Jewish home, so why not get one that suits your style? Explore our mezuzahs: from traditional to modern to kid friendly, we have something for everyone. Identify your Jewish home in style!

What is a Mezuzah? A mezuzah is a handwritten scroll, called a “klaf,” containing the Shema prayer, which is placed inside a decorative case and affixed to a doorpost in the home. The case protects the scroll from outside elements while adding a touch of style to the home. The goal of a mezuzah is to protect the home and those inside from physical and spiritual harm.

The Shema prayer is handwritten on a small piece of parchment which is tightly rolled and then sealed in a mezuzah case. The case protects the scroll and is especially important for doorways leading outside. The case should be completely sealed so the scroll doesn’t get damaged. For this reason, many of our mezuzah cases come with screws or backing. Some mezuzah cases are self contained and form a cylinder or rectangle shape, built for outdoor use. Others are wrapped in plastic and fit flatly against the doorpost. The “Shin” faces outward, in the same direction as the mezuzah case design. If you don’t want to drill the doorpost, try using a sturdy adhesive. Lowe’s, Home Depot, and Amazon sell non-damaging velcro stickers that are perfect for affixing mezuzahs.

Many Jewish homes contain mezuzahs on every doorway. A mezuzah can be affixed to the doorpost of each room in the home and place of business (including basement, attic, and garage). A mezuzah should not be placed at the entrance to a bathroom. Our collection of mezuzah cases range in style. We have antique, Armenian, glass, wood, and more! We also carry multiple color and size options. Gary Rosenthal is a popular mezuzah artist, and Quest has a number of options your children will love. Michael Aram creates sleek mezuzah cases for a modern twist on an ancient tradition.

You’ll be hung up on these mezuzahs for sure!

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