Bat Mitzvah

A bat mitzvah is an important milestone in a young woman's life. It's a time of joy and celebration. When a young woman turns 12, she not only sends out bat mitzvah invitations, has a bat mitzvah party and receives bat mitzvah gifts, she symbolically agrees to take on the mitzvoth. She also makes Mommy, Daddy, Bubbe and Zayde proud! #kvelling

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Bat Mitzvah Gifts

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It is customary to recite a blessing or prayer in honor of the bat mitzvah girl. From the Talmud (Brachot 17A), this text is meaningful today as when it was written more than 2,000 years ago:

"May you live to see your world fulfilled, May you be our link to future worlds, and may your hope encompass all the generations to be. May your heart conceive with understanding, may your mouth speak wisdom and your tongue be stirred with sounds of joy. May your gaze be straight and sure, your eyes be lit with Torah's lamp, your face aglow with heaven's radiance, your lips expressing words of knowledge, and your inner self alive with righteousness. And may you always rush in eagerness to hear the words of One more ancient than all time."