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The shofar has long been a Jewish tradition, traditionally blown on Rosh Hashanah and at the very end of Yom Kippur as an awakening for us to reflect on past deeds and to promote personal growth in the coming year. It’s commonly thought of as a mitzvah that harkens back to the sounding of the shofar at Mt. Sinai, when the Torah was delivered and the Jewish people became a nation. The shofar is frequently referred to in the Torah, where it was used to announce holidays or to signify the start of war. carries a large selection of shofars for use in your home or place of worship.

We offer authentic ram’s horn shofars, such as the Polished Ram’s Horn Shofar, for those in search of a special shofar worthy of gift-giving or display. This well-polished item is designed for beauty and exceptional sound. We also carry gorgeous natural finish shofars with a low polish as well as silver-embellished shofars with gorgeous silver inlays that are designed to be cherished for a lifetime and passed from one generation to the next. Additionally, you’ll find traditional Yemenite shofars — long, twisting shofars — in our collection. Each beautifully crafted shofar from makes a memorable gift for any bar or bat mitzvah. supplies many high-quality shofar stands for displaying your shofar as well as protective shofar bags to keep them safe while on the go. All of our shofars are hand-crafted in Israel in the Bar-Sheshet tradition for true authenticity and unmatched quality. They are also pre-tested to ensure ease of use and quality sound output. Please note that because these are handcrafted items, each one will vary slightly and have its own unique grain, pattern and sound. recommends ordering your shofar early if you need it in time for Yom Kippur or Rosh Hashanah.