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Are you hosting this year’s Passover Seder? If so, it’s important to make sure you have the proper Seder plate for this important meal. The Seder is perhaps the most important element of this Jewish holiday, and the Seder plate itself serves as the centerpiece of the table as well as a practical and symbolic part of the meal. Holding several items, this plate effectively helps to tell the story of Passover during the Seder.

At, you’ll find a wonderful selection of Seder plates for just about any type of celebration. There are disposable Seder plates that are perfect for a large community gatherings with many tables being served. Designer Seder plates, on the other hand, become instant keepsakes and make thoughtful gifts for weddings or housewarming parties. We also have a selection of affordable Seder plates for those on a budget. Browse the full collection now to find something that fits both your needs and your style.

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Picking Your Seder Plate

It doesn’t really feel like Passover until you bring out the seder plate, called a ke’arah in Hebrew. Seder plates and seder sets are traditionally used to hold a series of meaningful symbolic foods that we eat at the seder. Picking the right seder plate is an important step in getting into a Passover mindset filled with spring cleaning, the seder, eating matzah, and staying far away from bread.

Celebrate the rich quality of this thousand-plus-year-old holiday by choosing the perfect seder plate to grace your table.

Contemporary or traditional, made in the US or Israel, seder plates may be composed of glass, metal, wood, and more. Michael Aram and Nambe are two popular seder plate artists who work with metals to produce modern seder plate styles. Gary Rosenthal works with textures to craft stunning seder plates that double as sculptured centerpieces. Sara Beames uses glass to create beautiful seder plates with exquisite bursts of color. Yair Emanuel, who are our among the popular artists for designing seder plates. We even carry disposable seder plates, which are typically used for community and student seders.

If you want to put a little more fun into things, go for a themed seder plate: Stars of David, Twelve Tribes, Exodus, and more. Take it up a notch and personalize a seder plate for a meaningful gift that any person, whether seasoned Passover celebrator or first timer at the seder, will treasure forever.

Relish this experience. Seder plate shopping is enjoyable and fun, the first of many.

Wondering where to go next? Try items that go along with the seder plate: matzah covers, Elijah’s Cups, Miriam’s Cups, tambourines, salt water bowls, and charoset bowls.

Setting Up Your Seder Plate

Here’s a rundown of the meaningful foods that go on the seder plate: There are two kinds of maror, or bitter herbs - spicy horseradish and a type of lettuce (usually romaine). These are reminiscent of the ugly, harsh conditions the Jewish people endured in slavery under the Egyptian Empire. Charoset is a sweet blend of apples, nuts, and wine, a paste-like substance designed to look like the mortar used to keep the bricks together in building the pyramids. Karpas, a vegetable dipped in salt water, mimics the tears shed by the Jews in Egypt as slaves. The beitzah (egg) and zero’ah (roasted shank bone) are symbols of two sacrifices in the Holy Temple (Beit Hamikdash): the holiday offering (korban chagigah) and the sin offering (korban chattas). These six foods are important to our seder experience. There is no seder without them. It’s time to decide which seder plate will display them just right for you.


What Should My Seder Plate look Like?


Here is just one example of how your completed seder plate might look. Don't forget anything!