Blue Menorah with Candle Storage

Blue Menorah with Candle Storage
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This innovative Hanukkah menorah is a convenient and beautiful item for Hanukkah ceremonies in your Jewish home. Not only does this menorah have a space for all the candles you re lighting on one night, it has room to store all the candles you ll need for all the nights of Hanukkah!

A brilliant idea from Emanuel -- holes goe through both sides of the menorah to hold the helper candles on the right side and it has the right number of holes for each successive night on the left! The top of the menorah is a regular menorah with places to put each candle.

The design is modern and sleek with a bright blue finish done by anodized coloring in cast aluminum. Etched into the design are the famous words: HaNerot Halallu Kodesh Hem in Hebrew, translate as, These are holy lights!

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