Creation I Framed Art Print by Mordechai Rosenstein

Creation I Framed Art Print by Mordechai Rosenstein


The Seven Days of Creation as represented by Hebrew letters, in deep, rich colors. Shabbat is placed prominently in the middle to remind us that all our days should look towards Shabbat. From right to Left: Day 1. Aleph - The Almighty divided the light from the darkness, and the Yud in white represents the Almighty. Day 2. Beis - incorporates the separation of the waters above in the heavens and from the waters below which covered the earth. Day 3. Gimmel - plants were created and dry land was established. Day 7. Shin for the Shabbat, the crown of Creation set above two candle flames (beis and tof to finish spelling Shabbat). Day 4. Dalet - The sun and the moon were created. Day 5. Hay - creation of birds and sealife. Day 6. Vav - All the animals that walk the earth and humans.

This limited edition silk screen print reflects upon the inherent grace and lyrical qualities of the Hebrew alphabet. The letters are embellished and given a special rhythm and excitement to make them virtually dance across the print. Serigraph is signed and numbered by the artist. Print comes double-matted, in a gold-tone metal frame.

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