Oriental Animals Travel Candle Holders by Yair Emanuel

Oriental Animals Travel Candle Holders by Yair Emanuel

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Going on a trip and not sure where youÂ’ll light your Shabbat candles? This beautiful Judaica Shabbat Travel Candlesticks will make your Shabbat vacation away from home a pleasant and colorful one, allowing you to give your Shabbat candles the proper place of respect. The design features gorgeous oriental design of a forest with gazelles and birds. Two Shabbat tea light candles fit snugly in the box with a painted top slipping over them to keep them in place during travel. Once you get to your destination, just take the candles out, slide the top into a lower part of the box, and voila! Your Shabbat candles are ready to go! The candlestick set is hand-painted with acrylics in vibrant color, and is lacquered to keep the paint fixed and run-free so that you can bring a taste of Shabbat with you no matter where you go!
2" H x 4.1" W x 4.1" H

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