Family Purity by Fishel Jacobs

Family Purity by Fishel Jacobs
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Written in a warm and "user friendly" tone, Family Purity offers the English-speaking world a comprehensive reference constructed of the highest halachic standards. Rabbi Jacobs, an ordinate of Lubavitch and the Chief Rabbinate of Israel, has incorporated the feminine element as well, including the observations and comments of dozens of female counselors, teachers, and "mikveh-ladies." All the expected topics are covered in pristine, well organized detail; rarely addressed topics like menopause, premenstrual syndrome, and fertility are discussed pragmatically and sensitively. The volume is crowned by a detailed index sure to be of use to all who choose this book. A useful gift for all kallahs - past, present, and future. Bonus book: Rabbi Jacobs Times, a calendar supplement significantly lessens the difficulty of logging dates and times.

Also available companion Study Guide for the Choson and Kallah (118 pages). Excellent for use in preparation classes. The Study Guide provides multiple-choice questions to provide the choson/kallah, or their counselors, a tool for review and summary. Whether another text is used, or particularly Family Purity, this is the perfect tool for "graduation" of sorts for either the choson/kallah, affirming retention of topics learned.