"Oh Hanukkah, Oh Hanukkah…" With Judaica.com you can light the Hanukkah menorah, spin the Hanukkah dreidel, read a Hanukkah book, make cookies in Hanukkah shapes, buy Hanukkah presents and taste the sweetness of the miracle of the Jewish people with Hanukkah gelt and other sweets. Wow! Let's keep the flame forever shining bright!

Hanukkah Presents

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Hanukkah is a holiday of miracles big and small. From the defeat of the might Greeks by the small yet powerful Macabees to the oil burning for eight days instead of one, we have a lot for which to be thankful for on Hanukkah.

We also have a lot to celebrate! In some homes, families celebrate by putting up Hanukkah decorations or buying Hanukkah gifts. In other houses, families light the Hanukkah menorah and play Hanukkah games. There are traditions to prepare certain Hanukkah dishes and sing Hanukkah songs. Some families combine all of these wonderful holiday ideas for a joyful and jovial eight days.