I am My Beloved's and My Beloved is Mine Necklace

I am My Beloved's and My Beloved is Mine Necklace
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One side is engraved with "I am my Beloved's" and the reverse with "and My Beloved is mine." This romantic jewelry is a delight to the eye and a lift to the spirit. (Both sides are shown for display purposes only.)

16" sterling silver chain included. 2" Sterling Silver necklace extender available separately.

Engraved with finesse on this seemingly simple form with contemporary styling, this pendant is a modern interpretation of the ancient form known as the Chinese pi, a circle within a circle. The shape also is an enduring symbol of constancy and reliability. The circle, having no end is itself a symbol of infinity. This modern pi is asymmetrical and organic: it has the unevenness and undulation of life itself.


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