Mitzvah Train Shabbat & Havdalah Set

Mitzvah Train Shabbat & Havdalah Set
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The Mitzvah Train includes Shabbat necessities. Included in this set are a Tzedakkah box (engine), Candlesticks (top of 1st train car), Kiddush Cup becher (also for use as Havdallah cup), Spice Box, and Havdalah candle holder. By Karshi Silversmiths of Israel. (It is recommended that small drip cups be used with all candle holders to keep the holders cleaner and/or to avoid damage.)

This design is created by Silver 925 electroforming in which a layer of sterling silver is formed over a resin mold. This method allows the creation of beautifully designed sterling silver plate with stunning details. Handcrafted details, including oxidation for depth, are then added along with gold plated accents. Finally a clear coating is added to prevent tarnishing. No need to polish, ever! Each piece is given individual attention, making each a unique piece of craftsmanship.
11.8" x 4.3"