Nova Amber Menorah by Beames Designs

Nova Amber Menorah by Beames Designs
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Rich amber combines with cobalt accents on this frosted glass menorah. Why is this the Nova Menorah? A nova is a star that suddenly becomes thousand of times brighter then gradually fades to its original intensity. Just light it, and you'll know what we mean. Handmade. Candles not included.

A scraffiti technique is used to create this pattern. Powdered enamels are applied and then drawn off the glass. The pieces are fired, cleaned, cut, reassembled and refired. The metal candleholders and curved pewter base are permanently affixed.

Beames Designs combines the ancient art of fused (kiln fired) glass with metallic accents, glowing colors, cast pewter, or aluminum to create contemporary, classic and elegant home accessories, and Jewish ritual objects.

Dimensions are 12"X 7"


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