Olive Branch Mezuzah Case by Michael Aram

Olive Branch Mezuzah Case by Michael Aram
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The Olive Branch Mezuzah
This case will hold up to a 10 cm scroll (sold separately). Parchment not included.


uses one of the best known and most loved of Michael's motifs. The simple forms create objects that serve wonderfully as stunning individual gifts or an exuberant table setting that decorates an entire moment of your life. The theme itself captures all the most distinctive aspects of Michael's work...narrative strength, deep symbolism and extraordinary sculptural expression.

"The olive branch has always held a powerful meaning for me, representing both peace and victory. In designing functional objects with natural forms, there is mingled sense of fragility and intensity. For me, it is like nature spreading through my interior spaces...like a magical olive grove sweetly willing its way into my home."


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