Pomegranates Dreidels Menorah

Pomegranates Dreidels Menorah

Pomegranates Dreidels Menorah
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This spectacular Hanukkah Menorah and dreidel set (in one!) is a fun and beautiful way to light the Hanukkah candles and play the most famous Hannukah game.

A brilliant idea from Emanuel -- the menorah is set up on a painted wood rectangular foundation with 9 holes in it to hold the eight dreidel candleholders plus the shamash!

Each dreidel is hand painted with a beautiful pomegranate and can be removed and played with individually.

The piece is hand-painted and then covered with three layers of lacquer. It is totally functional and waterproof and may be hand-washed. It also contains brass candle inserts that double as the tops of the dreidels to protect the wood from the candle wax and promote easy spinning!

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