Stone Pattern Top Dreidel by Joy Stember

Stone Pattern Top Dreidel by Joy Stember


A stone pattern top combines with a brushed finish on the dreidel body. This decorative dreidel is made using a technique of scoring and folding sheets of pewter. The texture is roll-printed using a rolling mill and the pieces are soldered together using a lead-free low-temperature solder. The other elements are made from brass. This is a special order item that is individually made to order.

Artist's Statement:

The clean lines and repetitive nature in urban landscapes inspire my work, as well as mid-century design. I use a variety of metals such as pewter, brass, bronze, silver and copper to produce my designs. My work is handmade in the United States and each piece is lovingly fabricated by scoring and folding sheets of pewter to make 3 dimensional works of art. The gorgeous textures are pulled from many influences and are embossed into the metal. As a designer and maker, my intent is to encourage the importance of American high-end craft in the modern home by creating contemporary heirlooms for a new generation of collectors.
3.75" x 2" x 2"

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