The Enemy Within by Abraham Twerski

The Enemy Within by Abraham Twerski
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In The Enemy Within Rabbi Twerski delineates how the tactics of the yetzer hara (evil inclination) are carefully tailored to each individual and how tenaciously it attempts to hold us in its grip. He assures us, we each have the ability to triumph over temptation and live productive, holy, Jewish lives. This special book was written to teach us to galvanize our spiritual and emotional resources to battle the specific challenges inherent in today's lifestyle. While the yetzer hara is as old as Creation itself, the inducements at its disposal in our generation are new and varied. Dr. Twerski shows us how to guard ourselves against them.

Utilizing Torah wisdom and his deep insight into human psychology, he pinpoints the many factors that challenge us and recommends techniques to bring them under our control. Addressing pressing problems such as family conflict, at-risk teens and depression, he offers realistic advice blended with Jewish compassion.