Yemenite Polished Shofar - Size 7 - Jumbo

Yemenite Polished Shofar - Size 7 - Jumbo


Yemenite shofars are made from the horns of kudu antelope.The Torah declares that the shofar should be sounded on Rosh Hashanah as a means of awakening Jews to reflect on past deeds and to promote personal growth in the coming year. It is a mitzvah which recalls the sounding of the shofar at Mt. Sinai when the Torah was given, and the Jewish people became a nation.

This exceptionally well-crafted shofar is beautiful and produces a clear sound. It also makes a meaningful gift for both Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah.

Our shofars are handcrafted in Israel and pre-tested for ease of use. All are certified kosher. Listed size is approximate, measurement from tip to tip, around the curve. Coloration and shape vary naturally. This shofar is size 7 - Jumbo, measures 40.9" - 43.3" in length along the edge.

40.9" - 43.3"