Jerusalem Huppah

Jerusalem Huppah
Jerusalem Huppah
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This beautiful Huppah will be a cherished heirloom used by many generations. This stunning hand painted silk huppah's top is framed in white silk and the center is painted as a blue evening sky with Jerusalem's buildings depicted in multicolor and "Yerushalayim" (Jerusalem) written in Hebrew. On each of the sides are flaps that fall towards the ground to give more of a canopy feel. Each side is decorated with the Jerusalem cityscape and "Kol hatan v' kol kalah" (The voice of the groom and voice of the bride) is written on all sides. The motifs are outlined in gold and hand painted on 100% pure silk with unique colors using a brush.The fabric undergoes a fixation process to make it color fast. This is a great purchase for synagogues to keep and use for weddings.

Poles not included.

NOTE: This is a special order item. Please allow at least 2 to 3 weeks for delivery.

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Style Contemporary
Dimensions 80"x80"

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