Nursery Pink Dreidel

Nursery Pink Dreidel
Nursery Pink Dreidel
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Give this highly detailed dreidel as a beautiful start for a life-long dreidel collection. Or as a gift for new parents! Various nursery toys are portrayed around the edge.

Cast in fine pewter, each piece is plated in silver. With exacting care and skill, this exquisite item is then hand painted, giving an individual depth of color and unmatched luster. No two pieces are exactly the same.

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Artist Bio
Quest Collection has always been committed to creating the perfect blend of beauty and practicality. The dedication of their artists instills a sense of classic richness and current trends into each piece. They work with a variety of metals and have recently added glass and wood into their designs. They use enamel paint and Swarovski crystals to enhance each piece. Their goal? To make life a little more beautiful for us all.
Nursery Pink Dreidel

Nursery Pink Dreidel