Torah: The Five Books of Moses

Torah: The Five Books of Moses
Torah: The Five Books of Moses
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This Torah tells a story - your own. It invites you to discover yourself within its pages. <br><br> With a charming, colorful presentation, multiple strands of commentary and groundbreaking, interactive features, the Lifestyle Books Torah transforms the text into an experience-personalized, engaging and happening now. Its goal is to uncover the spiritual potential and human relevance in every line. <br><br> <b>Features include:</b> <ul> <li>Acclaimed Translation that makes each Torah portion flow like a story. An easy read for you and your family in a fresh, contemporary voice. <li>Full Hebrew Text of the Five Books of Moses, with complete Haftarah cycle, beautifully typeset by an award-winning designer. <li>Personalized Running Commentary that gives voice to hundreds of Jewish thinkers and mystics, in a chorus that will speak to your life. The insights address profoundly relevant issues at the core of the human experience: questions of purpose, relationships, identity and meaning. <li>Spiritual Treats on every page that will delight and nourish your soul. Glimpse new vistas of reality with compact "Kabbalah Bites." Potent meditations follow you off the page, into the head-on challenges of the world; and our "Food for Thought" selections will draw you and your loved ones into hours of discussion, as you participate in the Torah's ongoing conversation. </li></ul>

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Torah: The Five Books of Moses

Torah: The Five Books of Moses