Jewish holidays aren’t just an excuse to put on weight. Celebrate! Buy your grandson a shofar and maybe this year he’ll stay in shul. Send a new chanukiah to cousin Myrtle - she feels bad about forgetting to invite you to last year’s latke dinner. Get a new Passover kiddush cup; by the fourth cup you’ll be singing “Next Year in Jerusalem” with enough oomph you might just invest in those first-class tickets to Israel.

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The Jewish festivals are a great time to commemorate Jewish miracles and exchange gifts. Shop by festival:

All of your Holiday Needs

Whether it’s a honey dish for Rosh Hashanah, menorah for Chanukah, costume for Purim or Seder plate for Passover, our gifts for the Jewish holidays will remind you that it’s great to be Jewish!

We’ve gathered the best designers and silversmiths to offer you the best collection of holiday products – sterling silver, glass, wood, classic and modern. With many Jewish festival items coming direct from Israel, you get the holiness of an Israeli touch on the holidays without the expense or the wait.